Frequently Asked Questions

What does WatchRecon stand for?

The name stands for "Watch Reconnaissance".

What does WatchRecon do?

Why should I use WatchRecon?

Compared to cruising the forum sales forums directly, WatchRecon gives you a better watch sales browsing experience by summarizing useful information you need, presented in a way to save you time, whether you are looking for a specific watch or simply cruising the sales corners. We aim to provide a rapid and powerful watch hunting experience with the highest efficiency.

So what's being summarized? We have image thumbnails, price, price changes, brand, mdoel, seller name, seller post count, location, availability status (i.e: sold, traded), condition estimates, model price estimates, etc.

Additionally, less interesting posts, such as "want to buy" and older repeat posts, are automatically omitted so you don't have to. All information extraction and summarization are fully automated, and is continously improved upon by the WatchRecon team.

How do I post my sale to WatchRecon?

WatchRecon indexes listings from popular watch forums automatically. I recommend posting your for-sale listing on a forum such as Once it's there, WatchRecon will pick it up automatically within about 10 to 30 minutes.

However, since watchuseek requires a minimum of 100 posts before users are allowed to post on their for-sale forum, you may want to try other WatchRecon-enabled sites, such as Watchnet or Reddit where the minimum post count rule isn't imposed.

How do I purchase a watch from these private sales?

WatchRecon helps connect private sellers and buyers together, and the transactions are entirely between the two parties. Both parties need to exercise caution and due diligence. There are unfortunately bad people who take advantage of the trust from the communities, but for the most part it's a pretty good and useful market place.

If you are new to the watch communities and based in USA or Canada, I recommend joining the major forums around here, such as and (both free memberships). There are many sellers and buyers alike on these communities and being a member allows you to send private messages to each other. By participating in these online discussions and building a history of posts, its also a way to establish your own credibility to other users.

I recommend starting with less expensive items if you are new to this secondary market. It's always important to do your homework and preferably purchase from very reputable power sellers (they are almost like private dealers) who have a lot of incentive to protect their hard earned reputation. Check out sellers by the name of takuya, davidsw, drster, etc. These users tend to have lots of posts in their forum profile.

I personally buy and sell from the market place frequently, but for more expensive items, I do a lot of due diligence, prefer face to face transaction at a bank whenever possible, or buy from reputable sellers.

There's a saying in this community: always buy the seller first, watch second. If in doubt for any reason, walk away. If something is too good to be true, it probably is. Because transactions are strictly between individual parties outside of the control of WatchRecon, WatchRecon is not responsible for issues.

What is the best way to access WatchRecon from my mobile devices?

The main WatchRecon website is developed against mobile browsers so everything should work perfectly there. If you are a user of iPhone, iPad, or Android phones or tablets, I highly recommend the WatchRecon mobile apps available for iOS and Android. The apps streamline the mobile experience in addition to providing additional features such as alerts.

How can I have more control over my search queries?

Clicking on the Options link to the right of the search box will allow you to specifiy some additional search parameters. For example, you will be able to specifiy a specific price range, or just a lower/upper bound. Other options are also available. Please try them out!

In the list search result view, you can click on the column header to sort the results. For example, clicking on the Price column header will sort all the results by price in descending order. Clicking on Price again will sort in the reverse order.

What other power user features are available?

There are many semi-hidden but powerful features available on WatchRecon:

  • Press the left or right arrow keys on the keyboard to navigate between pages
  • Press the button or the listing price to see listing details, including more pictures, previous listings, and a price chart
  • Use the "|" character as the disjunction or operator (ex: 116710|gmtiic)
  • Click on a seller's name to get other listings from the same seller (example: takuya)
  • Click on the model name to see all listings for this model plus a useful price chart (ex: rolex gmt-master ii ceramic)
  • Hover the mouse pointer over the seller's name to get the post count (whenever available)

Will more sales corners be covered by WatchRecon?

Yes definitely. The plan is to scan other sales corners in the near future as demands increase.

Where can I ask about a feature request?

We are delighted to hear from our users! Please send us an email at or post a message on our Facebook page!

Hey, I don't see any ads anywhere. How do you generate revenue? What's the catch?

There's no catch! Currently the site is financially supported entirely out of my pocket because I find the tool useful myself and I like to help fellow watch enthusiasts. It's also been a great learning experience in web development and administration.

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